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Lillian Baumbach first woman plumber
Baumbach Plumbing History

Highlights of this web page will be information about my Father - a very impressive self-made millionaire - and my sister, the first woman master plumber in the world. Also included is information about the Baumbach family in Virginia and the German von Baumbach Family, Towns, Forest and Castle in Germany. Also there is information from Baumbachs in other parts of the World supplying and asking about family relatives.

There is also information from two, THREE, now FOUR trips made to Germany; one by my Father made in 1984, by me in July 1996, September 2000 and September 2002

In 1984 my father, mother, grandmother (mothers mother)
In 1996 I there with Regina, Jennifer and Mark
In 2000 I was there with Regina, Willie, Lisa, and my brother Andy, also Pairs France.
In 2002 I was there with Regina only, also Egypt for 10days, Rome Italy for 3days, Swiss airport, one night Disney in Pairs

I have tried to make it a form of history for all Baumbachs, from about 1295 to present day.

If you find this information interesting or have anything to add, please contact me at the address below.

Please use the guest book to add information here for others to read that you know about any Baumbachs. Add the names of Baumbachs, dates and places, anything that would help others looking for information on the Baumbach name.

Baumbach Worldwide Family Reunion. All Baumbach family members were invited to a meeting in Germany on September 9th 2000 for a worldwide family reunion. The owners of the Baumbach Castle, Friedrich-Wilhelm and Bodo Von Baumbach invited all Baumbachs from around the World to join in one big family meeting/reunion at the Baumbach Castle located in Tannenberg, Germany. Details Here  | Baumbachs of Germany and Castle Info Here

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Links below have information about a building named Baumbach in Milwaukee Wisconsin

William J. Baumbach
Family History
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Family Tree (Under construction)

Family Tree on the Family Tree Maker's website new 11-2000

Family Tree on the Family Tree Maker's website old 1999

William James Baumbach Life Story, this is a very long letter that was started as a book by him (my father) but was never finished. It is still full of important details of his life and some history of Washington D.C. and Arlington VA. This was never finished because my father started it too late in life and was struck with Parkinson's disease causing him to lose his resent memory and only remembering his childhood. To give you an idea. He often forgot who I was and confused me with one of his dead brothers. Enough said on that, I'm sure you get the idea.

Inventions of W. J. Baumbach

Brain trained over many years to perform a given task and work hard Letter.

Letter from (Catharine) the mother of Bernhard August Baumbach This letter is 125 years old (as of 1997.) My father was very impressed with this letter and felt that it contained very good advice that even today can and should be used. He made a note to himself on the letter that reads " with time proven advice, is as good in 1987 as it was 115 years ago." The boy in the letter to whom it was written too was my fathers grandfather. (added 12-2000 letter came from the town Schweina, Germany. June, 30th 1872.

Obituary of William J. Baumbach

Memories Here are things that I best remember my father telling or saying to me. It contains advice to me, words of wisdom, facts of live, etc. 

Family Member Information
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Virginia Augusta Baumbach. W. J. Baumbach older sister. Born December 6, 1904

Charles Henry Baumbach. W. J. Baumbach older brother. Born December 18, 1906

William James Baumbach (my father) Born March 15, 1909

Andrew (Bernie) Bernard Baumbach. W. J. Baumbach younger brother. Born March 6, 1911

Lillian Ann Baumbach W. J. Baumbach oldest daughter .My half sister. First Woman Master Plumber, News Articles and other stuff. Born January 4th 1930

William James Baumbach II W. J. Baumbach oldest son ME! Born March 13, 1963

Beryl Dill Baumbach my mother COMING SOON

William James Baumbach III my son he has his own website now. Born February 23, 1980

Lisa M. Baumbach my daughter. Born June 7, 1982

Courtney Jean Clay  my daughter Born March 8, 1991 Mother is Jessica Rene'e Cameron. Adopted by Brad Clay November 1995.

Andrew Bernard Baumbach W. J. Baumbach youngest son (my brother) April 21, 1965

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Lots of very old pictures of family and business

Old Pictures of the Baumbach Family and other Information

Recent pictures

Baumbach Plumbing History
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Newspaper Articles about the Baumbach Plumbing company

Plumbing Company Builds On Tradition

For those who can’t take off work

Baumbach’s Formula ingenuity

Industry's Oldest Companies This is a copy of a letter I sent to Plumbing & Mechanical explaining the history of the Baumbach Plumbing Company back in 1995 when they were asking for information about PHC companies in the USA that were old.

Baumbachs in Germany
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Baumbachs of Germany this page includes details of the two towns in Germany. Pictures of the Baumbach castle and from the two trips made to Germany. It has Information about the history of Baumbachs in Germany.

My German Baumbach friends / relatives in Germany have a web page at: I hope to one day go back to their beautiful country and see them again! They were very nice to me during my short visit to Germany. Maybe one day they can come here to the USA. and I can return the same hospitality they gave me.

Website in Ransbach-Baumbach Germany. "not in English" This is one of two towns in Germany with the Baumbach name in it.

The other town is Alheim-Baumbach and can be viewed at

Gerhard Baumbach in Germany  who's father came from Ebertshausen in Thueringen which is not very far  (approx. 150 km) from the castle in Nentershausen. His Grandfather had a small factory for guns and he was producing pistols for the police in London. Gerhard was kind enough to send me this catalog ( This PDF is 5.7Meg) of guns that Ferdinand Baumbach use to make. Acrobat Reader required get it here

Letters, E-mail, notes and comments that visitors to this website have sent me.
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Includes information about other Baumbachs from around the World that have Baumbach websites. Also included are message from other Baumbachs looking for Baumbachs Click Here

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 This page lists the web pages of other Baumbachs I have found on the Internet. Click Here

Names, Address and Phone numbers of Baumbachs all over the U.S.A.
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This is a list of 797 Baumbachs throughout the USA.

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