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(William James Baumbach II)

DOB: 03-13-63

William J. Baumbach, II 2006
William James Baumbach II
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I dropped out of 9th grade high school at the age of 16 to go to work for my fathers plumbing business in Arlington Va. My job for the first year or two was performing maintenance of the fleet of service trucks. I started with oil-changes and in a short time advanced major repairs. In my spare time I rode with the plumbers on service calls and learned the plumbing and HVAC trade. I had been riding with the plumbers after school and during the summer months since about 3rd grade. I got married at age 16 to a 19 year old women and had two children by my 18th birthday,,,, more later....

William James Baumbach, II memberships include;

More Family Pictures

Letter to my son and daughter William J. Baumbach III and Lisa Marie Baumbach about History

I would like to share my first SCUBA Diving experience with you that took place in 1987.


November 12, 2007 the Potentate of Kena Shriners, Illustrious Jim Kincheloe presented me with a Shrine-Mason of the year award.




Here is a rough draft copy of a bio to be published in the November Kenagram and other info.

Nobel William J. Baumbach II grew up in Arlington, Va. on N. 15th St, he would ride his bicycle about six blocks to his fathers plumbing shop after elementary school where he road on the trucks with plumbers and learned the plumbing trade first hand. His father William J. Baumbach and his Uncle Charles H. Baumbach where both charter members of Kena in 1951, his father was member #60 and his Uncle Charles was #59. William moved with his family to Fairfax Station in the early 1970's. In 1994, 43 years after his father, William walked the Hot Sands, member #7,008. He became a Life Member at Kena that same year. Nobel Preston Burner at the time was president of the Kena Computer Club which he founded, and also managed Kena's first computer. Preston was good friends with William's father and took William under his wings and in 1996 William took over the Presidency of the Kena Computer Club. William has followed in the footsteps of Preston in keeping Kena running in the computer age. For over a decade William has provided all the computer services Kena has needed which have grown to six computers. He is currently one of the Potentates photographers, a member of the Mule Skinners Club and Kena's webmaster.

Born into the Plumbing and HVAC trades, William dropped out of high school in 9th grade to work in his father's plumbing business, and eventually he took over the business. He wanted to buy a computer for the business in 1989 but his mother Beryl would not let him do so unless he promised to be able to fix it when it broke, so he brought several books on computers, and read them over and over, he then convinced his mother he could fix a computer. She agreed to buy one and the first thing William did was to purposely break it and then fix it to prove to his mother he could indeed fix it. This is how William became a self-taught computer geek. William then decided he wanted to pursue a computer career and left the family plumbing business for his brother Andy to run.

William was raised in Acacia Lodge No. 16 Clifton, Va. in 1994 and became a LMIP (Life Member in Perpetuity) the same year. In 2006 he affiliated with Cochran Lodge No. 271 The Plains, Va. His other Masonic affiliations include Royal Arch, Knight Templar and the Scottish Rite.

Having Plumbing and HVAC expertise, picking up amateur photography from his father and with his self-taught computer skills, William has volunteered his services for the past 13 years to area Lodges, Masons and Widows alike. Over the years his has help several Lodges with not only their plumbing and HVAC needs but has been known to take a few pictures from time to time and more often than not shares these pictures on the Internet with the Masonic community in less than 24 hours of having taken them.  

Nobel Jack Canard started the Virginia Masonic Information Net website email list server at Jack is a groundbreaking pioneer in sharing Masonic information and communications over the Internet as was Preston before him in the pre-Internet days with his BBS system. For over 10 years William has worked with Jack by providing Internet services he has needed for the AW22 list server. For the same period of time William has been the webmaster of the Kena website and made possible by Preston, hosts and maintains the World Largest collection of Masonic files at that were moved over from his BBS. William also volunteers his services as webmaster for about a half-dozen other Lodges and is real busy near the end of the month posting new Trestleboard's to the various websites. He is currently, in his spare time working with the Grand Lodge of Virginia Internet Committee to help improve the websites of other Lodges and the Grand Lodge website.

William documented the historic Masonic event that took place on December 31, 2006, when Masons went to Washington DC., to honor a fallen Brother, former President Gerald R. Ford who was the last President to be a Mason laid down his working tools. A group picture of all the Brothers was taken in front of the U.S. Capitol by William; His pictures can be viewed at To help assure that generations from now, historians and others interested in Masonry and in President Ford's place in American history in known, over the past year he has been presenting 11x14 wood framed copies of the group picture. To date, he has traveled to dozens of Lodges and presented it to others in the Masonic Fraternity, near 40 all together, with many more presentations expected over the next year.

Copy of old email below

Acacia Lodge No. 16 Life Member since 1994 (demitted 04-01-2010) , past JW and SW, Building Committee, blood coordinator.

Webmaster, means I host, setup, design, handle emails all for free Acacia Lodge No. 16 Webmaster (Hay Market Lodge No. 313 end 2009) Webmaster Land Sea And Air Lodge No. 1 Located in Iraq, Webmaster Kena Shriner, Webmaster since 1987 (Ashburn Lodge #288 webmaster, ended) The Masonic Benefit Fund, Grand Lodge of Virginia.

Acacia Lodge No. 16, Cochran Lodge No. 271, Hay Market Lodge No. 313 and others receive plumbing and HVAC work from me, free labor and sometimes parts.

Acacia Lodge No. 16 since 05-19-1994. First (LMIP) Life Member In Perpetuity at Acacia. Demitted 04-10-2010, transferred LMIP to Cochran Lodge No. 271 on March 11th 2010. (Elected to honorary membership in Acacia Lodge No. 16 06-05-14)
Cochran Lodge No. 271 since 06-2006
The Masonic Benefit Fund (no longer a member)
York Rite Mason since 1994
Royal Arch Mason since 1994
Knights Templar Mason since 1994
Scottish Rite Mason (Alexandria Scottish Rite)  since 1994 (Became life member in 2016, purchased by MW. Ed Cohen)
Loyal Order of Moose since 1995
Kena Shriner, Life Member since 1994,
Kena Shriner, President of The Kena Computer Club 1996-1997, Club inactive since November 1997.
Kena Shriner, gets all their computer labor for free from me and some software at no cost.
Grand Lodge of Virginia MW. Ed Cohen, member and chairman of Committee on Information Technology 2008-
Masonic Home Ambassador District 4 (11-08-08) 2009-
Grand Lodge of Virginia, member and chairman Committee on Public Relations (11-07-09) 2010-2015
On the Grand Master's Most Worshipful William Rorer Media Task Force 2010
Grand Lodge of Virginia MW. Wayne Flora, member of Committee on Strategic Planning & Implementaion 2014-2017
Grand Lodge of Virginia, MW. Wayne Flora, chairman Committee on Public Relations 2014. Only for one year. I requested to me member only. 

Shrine-Mason of the year (Kena Shriners) Potentate Jim Kincheloe. 2007
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Merit award (from Acacia Lodge No. 16) (12-19-07) 2008
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Merit award (from MW. Ed Cohen, Grand Lodge of VA) 11-7-08
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Merit award (from MW. Jeffery E. Hodges, Grand Lodge of VA) 11-6-09
Grand Lodge of Virginia "Grand Master's Award of Merit" (from MW. William E. Rorer, Jr., Grand Lodge of VA) 11-05-10
Kena Shriners Fall Ceremonial Honoree 07-07-10 by Ill. Tom Little.
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Appreciation award (from Wor. Allen Wade, Master of Haymarket Lodge No. 313) 11-13-09 (12-14-09)
Acacia Lodge No. 16, "Award of Appreciation and Brotherly Love" By Master Brant Baber. 04-01-10
Springfield Lodge No. 217 Certificate of Appreciation 05-03-11
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Recognition "One Hundred And Ten Percent" (from RW. Michael Pobat District No. 4 DDGM) 09-12-11
Received my Wardens Certificate #8385 issued on January 23, 2012, presented at Cochran Lodge No. 271 at District Class on January 26, 2012. While I was Senior Warden.
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Merit award (from MW. William T. Ellison, Jr., Grand Lodge of VA) 11-06-12
Grand Lodge of Virginia appreciation plaque (from MW. Louis K. "Kerry" Campbell Grand Lodge of VA) 11-08-13 "In Appreciation to Worshipful William James Baumbach II for his service to Virginia Freemasonry as an outstanding Worshipful Master as an innovative, energetic worker in IT and photographic services and on behalf of our Masonic youth."
Elected to honorary membership in Acacia Lodge No. 16 06-05-14.
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Appreciation award (from MW. Wayne Sawyer Flora, Grand Lodge of VA) 11-08-14.
Installed as Grand Photographer of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia. By Don McAndrews on 11-15-14.
2015 was honored with a KCCH (Knight Commander of the Court of Honor) MW. Jim Cole did the ceremony at MaHoVa on 10-10-15.
Acacia Lodge No. 16 Trowel Award By Master Jim Love 12-01-16.
Kena Shriners received Potentate Award Outstanding Leadership, by Ill. Larry Parks 03-12-18 (presented 04-09-18)
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Merit award (from MW. Gary W. Taylor, Grand Lodge of VA) 11-09-18.
Grand Lodge of Virginia Certificate of Appreciation award (from Wor. Charles (Buddy) Wagner, Master of Haymarket Lodge No. 313) 12-10-18.
Kena Shriners Spring Ceremonial Honoree 03-16-19 by Ill. Peter Klei.
Kena Shriners an Acrylic award that reads "Kena 2019 Honoree William Baumbach In Recognition of Your Years of Service and Support to Kena Shrine. Your Time, Talent and Efforts are Appreciated. Thank You" by Ill. Peter Klei. (recevied 06-23-20)

06-26-2010 added...
Kena Shriners Fall Ceremonial Honoree. Potentate Tom Little. Class held July 7, 2010. Again in 2019.

I have provided free computer services for many Mason's and Shriners. Plumbing and HVAC too. I also do other stuff. Recently I helped with a Flag Pole for Bro. Selma Corder who wanted to fly his flag this past July 4th. Back in August 2005 for Bro. Charles Martin who is in Iraq I drove to Lorton and fixed the computer for his wife Larisa. Computer services have been given too many, Jim Kincheloe, Tom Loftis (recorder at Kena), Luis Pages, Etc, and others you do not know. I stopped by RW. Ed Ray's house a few weeks ago and fixed his ridding lawn mower's. This is all from memory; I really do not track all of this, and ask for nothing in return. There is more, I just do not remember. Some tip me if and when they can, Acacia just received a check for $50 from a Kena member Widow that was sent to me impart of this.

Past president NVPHCC Northern Virginia Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association, 1996 & 1997, I was recognized for being editor and publisher of the best of all local monthly news letters out of the entire US. This was all free work to help and improve the heath and etc, of the industry. 

I own Baumbach Enterprises Ltd, I have done free plumbing and HVAC for the poor.

In 1992 when hurricane Andrew hit Florida I brought a travel trailer drove down there and lived there on a Salvation Army based and volunteered my services free of charge to help the victims, free plumbing and A/C work, and other. Dade County made me a temporary City employee so I could leave and enter the town while under Marshall Law. This was an experience!

I helped to feed food to the homeless / poor in DC one year for Thanksgiving.

With my fathers plumbing company installed a new kitchen in the now gone old Clifton Fire Department meeting hall for the Clifton's Woman's Club, free of charge.

Helped with my mother the Clifton's Woman's Club / Friends of Fairfax Station raise money to build the Fairfax Station Railroad museum now there.

I really cannot remember all this stuff, I moved not long ago and packed all this info in boxes, Thinking.....

You know, now you got me thinking, it seems I do more volunteer work for free then I do paid for work, at my hourly rate I could have been a well-off person by now. :-)

NO, Masonic Home, Widows and orphans, Youth, Church, not that I can remember.

I have helped Masonic Widows with computers and other stuff,, like, Preston's wife Freda Burner, and others I do not remember.

I do a lot of free Picture taking for Kena, Acacia, etc. I did some the other day for the Clifton Town Council too.

From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 9:05 PM
To:; Jack Canard
Subject: Re: Baumbach Masonic Bio
Thank you so much, William, for sending a copy of your Masonic Bio to me.  I would like to add that Preston was very fond of you and thought of you as his son.  He was so happy when you took over the Kena Computer Club because it meant so much to him.  You were wonderful to him, particularly when he became ill.  You have been wonderful to me assisting me with any and all computer problems that I have had.  If it were not for you I never would have been able to use a computer.  What more can I say but THANK YOU THANK YOU.

 I tried to send this to Ruth also but could not.  Would you please forward it to her because I want her to know how much I think of you.  Freda

From: Ruth []
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 8:54 AM
Subject: Re: Baumbach Masonic Bio
William, Thank you so-o-o much.  I wish I were allocated three pages of space in the Kenagram just for your bio. I will do my best to select the most important aspects of your life.  You surpass all I have ever known in the act of volunteering for the benefit of others!!!   You are right -- you could have been rich! Ruth

From: Ruth []
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 4:01 PM
Subject: Re: Baumbach Masonic Bio
William, I respect your wishes, and do understand your request.  I will do my best. Those of us at Kena do know how good you are; we knew it long before you put it in writing.  We just didn't know the specifics, so we had to ask you.  Many of the things you mentioned, Tom had already given to me in a rather broad-brush coverage.  I just needed some numbers and some specifics. Please recognize that I could not write a bio about you and reflect anything other than the fact that you are a gifted, giving and highly unusual individual.  It will be written from the perspective of Ill. Jim -- and he feels just as strongly about you as I do.  In no way will people think that you are bragging about yourself. Ruth

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