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In Loving Memory of Lillian Ann Baumbach Jacobs First Woman Master Plumber.

Famous for becoming the first woman master plumber in the 1950?s Lillian became the pen-pal of more than 250 men in the United States and overseas, 75 letters from Korea alone included election as pin-up girl for an infantry company. Lillian was also on two television shows a New York TV program, the TV game show What?s my Line? A radio broadcast and wrote a magazine article (Helpful Plumbing Hints for Housewives.) One of her favorite experiences was her interview with Walter Cronkite. Her life story and copies of newspaper articles from 1951 can be found here.


These are copies of newspaper articles

Pretty Plumber’ Pen Pal of 250 Men Washington Evening Star. Thursday, May 24, 1951

Area Now Has Girl Plumber, It Leaks Out Times-Herald. Thursday, February 15, 1951

Miss Becomes a Master Arlington County Gets First Woman Plumber. Lillian took the master plumbing examination with six male plumbers, only two of whom passed.

Cutest Master Plumber Plans Joint Life with Auto Repairman

Lady Plumber Began at Age 2

Comic Strip from the Boston Herald Friday February 16, 1951

Domestic Engineering magazine August 1953 page 96, 97 and 180 "The U.S. Has It's Lady Plumbers Too! This was sent to me by David G. Francis Plumbing & Heating in Norwich, NY. August 2000.

High School Brochure used by a local plumber to recruit new plumbers that talks about Lillian. (see page 2) May 2005, its a PDF file. Acrobat Reader required get it here

Pictures of Lillian from about 1940's updated 03-10-21

Lillian's two daughters Wendy and Lydia

Obituaries from various newspapers and magazines 2000

Lillian Baumbach Jacobs Recognized by League of Women Voters 

Lillian is William J. Baumbach first child from his first marriage to Louise Carter Baumbach. Lillian was born at Georgetown hospital Washington D.C. 11:30pm January 4th 1930 First husband Gorge William Jacobs died August 11, 1995

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