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(NOTE:  This letter was written to Reid, he  was a plumber that had worked for Baumbach, first as a plumber then later as a manager, then went in business for himself.
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May 30, 1990

Mr. Reid Bennet: 

I feel that there is a special reason in my case, a brain trained over many years to perform a given task and work hard. The boy in the attached letter, his mother gave him advice that is as good today as it was 113 years ago. The boy was my grandfather.

I was raised by my grandmother on my mothers side and she took in many who had no place to go. I was on my own at 14 years of age, my grand father came over at 16 to live with his cousin. He started as a horseshoer. I remember his shop and two 3 story red brick homes, his shop was about 100 ft. square 2 stories high, their where 6 forges and 6 men.

All beer and bakery companies where ran by Germans with 6 big gray horses and he gave all type of services for horse drawn equipment and shipped them around the country. He had three sons, two went to work for the federal government, my father stayed on with his father at #11 N Street NE.

I firmly believe I inherited the drive and the ability to work with many people. I was always sure of what I was doing. My grandfather Baumbach must have felt the same. You must Always stand firm and believe completely. You have the above. Confidence should carry you to success


W. J. Baumbach

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