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Old Pictures of the Family, Baumbach Business, and other Information

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Family Pictures

Baumbach brothers all three

Sophine Philippeine Von Baumbach 1793

Mary E. Linkens (Toombs) W. J. Baumbach grandmother, on his mother's side

Picture from approximately 1890

Picture from approximately 1917

Picture of W. J. Baumbach parents with his brother and sister

Picture of W. J. Baumbach grand-parents with his father

Picture of Koch (Cook) the brother of our grandmother Baumbach who was a Koch (Cook) this guy looks like Billy The Kid cowboy

Picture of W. J. Baumbachs Father Andrew Gotlied Baumbach the Blacksmith from August 29, 1938 Washington Times

Virginia Augusta Baumbach two daughters

Charlene Ann Baumbach daughter of Charles Henry Baumbach DOB 12-18-1906

Never Before Seen Family Pictures I copied these from old 35mm slides and stereo negatives

Baumbach family old pictures added 03-10-10 some business

Both my father and I joined the Alexandria Scottish Rite. My father joined in the spring of 1950 and 44 years later I joined in the fall of 1994.

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Business Pictures

The W. J. Baumbach Plumbing office Never Before Seen Business Pictures I copied these from old 35mm slides and stereo negatives 

Postcard, W. J. Baumbach Inc had U.S. Postcards made with the picture on the front showing his two story office and showroom.

Office old picture taken from W&L Washington and Lee High School year book in Arlington Virginia from 1941.

Picture of Truck Float used in parades in 1946 one of two pictures

Picture of Truck Float used in parades in 1946 both pictures

Plumber from the 1950s. look and see if you know any of them. This is a very large picture and will take time to load. It has very good close-ups of 12 plumbers that use to work for Baumbach. Click on their face to find out there name. some of them are now deceased and other now own their own plumbing business or are retired..

Plumber from the 1950s2

This man standing beside W. J. Baumbach was from Australia.. sent to the National Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association to be trained in merchandising & other methods of the business. W. J. Baumbach Inc. was selected as the most qualified. 1940-50's

This Boiler manifold was created by W. J. Baumbach to accommodate the steal mix type of pipe that was used during the copper shortage of WWW-2. this boiler & pipe was installed in thousands of homes in Arlington, VA. Bryant gas boiler with a By-Flex/By-Metal type gas valve. no circulating pumps were used. 1940-50's

Mrs. Washington cooking in W. J. Baumbachs showroom to demonstrate how the gas stove worked. Behind her sits a few dozen men & women. This was common to have live cooing demonstrations sponsored by the Washington Gas Company. 1940-50,s

Garbage Disposers in ACTION try it yourself normal installed $139.00. complete with running water and see through drain pipe.

FIXZIT SYSTEM franchise truck #28 1940-50's

Garage with 3 service bays used to repair 100+ service trucks. With Gas pump.

Parts Room 1940-50's

W. J. Baumbach, Inc. offered FREE use of all tools to be used at your own risk at this bench. The faucet washers and screws are FREE. Any contributions you care to make will be divided between, Anderson Clinic and Arlington Hospital.

This is most likely the first time in history that the plumbing was installed before the building was built Clearmount Apartments in Arlington, Va. 1952? The builder fell behind. W. J. Baumbach needed to stay on time. The delay was costing him money. So he did not wait for the builder he installed the plumbing without the walls. The builder came to the job site and told the owner that he could not build the building around the plumbing pipe. The owner told the builder that if he built the building has good as the plumbing was installed that he would have a very good building. The builder tried to refuse, however the owner said do it or he will find some else that will.

Baseball This is a picture of a baseball team Baumbach sponsored. The playing field is in Ballston, Arlington, Va. where the filed was for a while was called Parkington and is where the Hecht Co. is now, but its now called Ballston Commons. (its a large pictures and will take time to load) 

Showroom inside

Showroom window

Showroom for outside

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