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Memories from dad

Here is a collection of sayings and statements made to me by my father that I have remembered over the years.

I thought I would write them down before I forget them. They are not in any particular order, I just put them down as they came into mind. I am sure I do not remember every saying or story I was told by my father but here are some of the ones I can.

You can't drink and be friends with the people you are manager/boss of. 

Making money and family come first, playing and fun are last because with out money love goes out the window and you can not take care of your family.

When I was just a kid I was working in a high-rise hotel building in Washington D.C. installing the piping for the swimming pool in the basement, I had left the building to get something to eat and when I was walking back to work down the street I saw all kinds and fire trucks and many people standing outside the building I was just working in. I went and asked the rescue workers who where franticly trying to get into the building what was going on? They said the building has just collapsed in to the swimming pool and the plumber was trapped! I told them I was that plumber! If I had not left at that time I would not be here today. 

I often go out on my boat and fish to think and solve problems with the business. When I was in my 30's, one day when I really had a lot on my mind and was very worried about some business stuff I took a carton of cigarettes with me out on the boat and while fishing I smoked cigarette after cigarette and before I know it I was hanging over the edge of the boat coughing and choking spiting up balls and tar and nicotine. I thought to myself, what the hell was I doing and I took all the rest of the cigarettes and throw them overboard and have never smoked a cigarette since then.

If I have a problem on my mind and can not come up with the answer or solution I will go to bed and sleep on it and usually the next morning I will have the anser.

The time here burnt his arm ADD HERE

The gas lamp ADD HERE

He was drafted during the War and went to his farm in Fairfax Station to pack up and close of the house. He was moving a farm tractor wearing . Kaki baggie pants, they were very loose and baggy in the pants leg and the tractor tire has caught a hold of his pants leg and pulled him off and under breaking his leg. He laid there for a long time until the mail man came by and found him but let him there until he had finished his route delivering the rest of the mail and then came back and got him to drive him to the town of Clifton, Va.  were the only doctor in town was a horse doctor who patched him up. Needless to say with his injury he did not get drafted and enter the WWII. He told me many time that if he has not broken his leg and had to go to War that I would not have ever been born.

Give then something price break ADD HERE

Leaves on the trees turn up-side down when its going to rain..

The cider trees on the hillside from a distance look like soldiers marching up the hill.

Its going to be hot tomorrow because the locus are making and lot on noise this afternoon. When they are noisy in the late evening like this, its going to be hot the next day.

I once heard a whippoorwill bird singing and I swear he was saying "whip poor Willy" over and over again

In his 70's he showed me target shooting with a 22cal rifle at a target, he bet me even though he was in his 70's and ware tri-focal glasses he could shoot the target once and then on the second shot putting the second bullet in the exact same whole in the target that the first shot had made. Well guess what, he did.

he lived with his grandmother, and that she made money telling fortunes. He said he learned all of her "tricks" and that all fortune tellers were dishonest people taking advantage of their clients. He said that his experience learning how his grandmother told fortunes convinced him to never believe in anything that was supposed to be related to psychic type of fortune telling, no matter the method. 

Used to tell me that he was born with a "veil" over his face that had to be cut away, and he told me that the "old wives tale" said that was supposed to make him psychic.

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