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Baumbachs of Germany

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Here on this page are pictures and information about the Baumbach names in Germany. Included are pictures and information of the two towns with the name Baumbach in them and the names and information about the German Von Baumbach family that are in charge of the Baumbach castle, they own forest's and two other towns in Germany.

The Baumbach castle is called the Tannenberg castle and is located in Nentershausen, Germany. It is being remodeled, the German Von Baumbach's are trying to raise money and are collecting many old antiques that have belonged to the Baumbachs over the centuries in hopes to restore it and turn it into a Baumbach museum and pub to sell beer.

Please see the newer Baumbach Castle website for updated information, the above is a little out dated (2001)

The two towns in Germany with the name Baumbach in them are Alheim-Baumbach a small farmers town that is nearest to Nentershausen and the German Von Baumbachs and the Baumbach/Tannenberg castle. (about thirty minuets drive) Then there is Ransbach-Baumbach (about a two hour drive away) that is a large town that about ten years ago (from 1996) was two independent towns, one named Ransbach and the other just Baumbach. They merged to make one big town with Motels and Shopping Malls and is famous for making Pottery. Neither of the two towns have any Baumbachs living there are buried in any of the cemeteries (that I could find.) No one in the two towns could tell me why they have named them after Baumbachs other then many years ago Baumbachs started the towns and then moved on across Germany and other places like the USA.


Ransbach-Baumbach is located off highway #3 and highway #48 to the NorthEast of Koblenz near the city of Montabaur.

Cemetery in Ransbach-Baumbach The cemetery's in Germany are the most beautiful I have ever seen!


Alheim-Baumbach is located South of the City Kassel on the Fulda river in the County of Alheim off highway #83 near the City of Rotenburg.

In about about 1300 the Baumbachs left Alheim-Baumbach

View of the town of Alheim-Baumbach

Alheim-Baumbach Picture of my father (in 1984) and me (in 1996) standing under the city sign of Alheim-Baumbach

The Baumbach Castle

The Castle is located about 30 minutes East of Alheim-Baumbach off highway #27 near the town of Nentershausen close to the River Hasel in a town called Tannenberg.

Built in about 1350 by Ludwig Baumbach a "Strikt Knight" in the 1700?s, the Baumbachs left the castle since it had lost its meaning for defense because of the invention of the canon. They built several farms all over Germany after they sold most of their land in Nentershausen to the king. In about 1850 several Baumbachs immigrated to America. Over the last 300 hundred years the castle has been falling apart, but there are still three main buildings that are worth restoring. Ten years ago the german state funded about one million dollars to restore it but since the reunion of East and West-Germany all the money goes to East-Germany which is much more destroyed then the West. So the rebuilding of the castle had to be stopped or slowed down. Now, most of the work is done by the friends of the castle and the farm-workers of Friedrich von Baumbach. The castle is popular in Germany and is visited by many vacationers and tourists.

The castle is located in the little village of Nentershausen 150 miles north of Frankfurt near Eisenach, Bebra and Bad Hersfeld. To get to Nentershausen from the airport in Frankfurt take Autobahn nr 5 north to Kirchheim then turn right to the Autobahn nr 4 to "Wildeck-Obersuhl," then leave the Autobahn going left to Nentershausen about 6 miles. Or by train it is easy to get from Frankfurt north to Bebra. 

Apartment Castle in the Castle

Black and white drawing of Castle

Castle Main Gate and William J. Baumbach II This is me standing in front of the gates of the Baumbach castle

Inside the Castle walls

Castle outside wall window

Castle Steeple Inside the castle, I think on the third floor is the steeple.

Castle view from far away

Picture of Castle from Air This is a nice picture from a plane of the Baumbach Castle in Germany

The German Baumbach Family

Friedrich-Wilhelm Von Baumbach and (me) William James Baumbach II. I am wearing a Cloak from the 17th century worn by a Baumbach.

Picture of Bodo Von Baumbach younger brother of Friedrich-Wilhelm von Baumbach and me.

Friedrich-Wilhelm von Baumbach about 1984.

Germany Baumbach family house view of the house that Mrs. Baumbach lives in.

Baumbach-House old black & white picture of the house, town the Baumbachs of Germany live in and own.

Drinking glass with crest Picture of an old set of Drinking Glasses with the Baumbach crest on them.

Beryl Little and the German Mrs. Baumbach Beryl A. Little is my grandmother (my mothers mother) and she is in Germany with the German Mrs. Baumbach taken in 1984

Friedrich-Wilhelm Von Baumbach
36214 Nentershausen
Tel.: +496627-553 from the USA dial Tel.: 011+496627-553
Fax: +496627-8624

Bodo Von Baumbach  younger brother of Friedrich
Kirchheim Germany
Died November 11, 2000 of heart failure in Kirchheim, Hessia. He was 62. His daughter Sabine from the US. was just visiting at the time.


Family Tree Crest This is a picture of a large cloth with a lot of Baumbach crest's in a family tree format showing names and crests of Baumbachs over many years dating back to the year 909

William, Regina, Jennifer and Mark

Famous Baumbach


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