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Inventions of W. J. Baumbach

Mr. W. J. Baumbach was issued both U.S. and Canadian patent's

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Suds & Flood Control The Flood Tamer is a patented unique device to stop the nuisance and costly damage associated with the backflow of water, suds, and sewerage. STILL BEING USED/SOLD TODAY! Pat. No. 3,047,013 (1962) and 4,098,287 (1978)

Self Venting Trap Anti-Back Pressure Trap Pat. No. 2,910,997 (1959)

Fixture Flush Valve that the control jet works in oil to prevent foreign matter from clogging the hole.

Back Water Valve Automatic Sewage Valve Pat No. 4,242,640 (1981)

The words "FLOOD CONTROL" are Copyright of W. J. Baumbach Reg. No. A-977,548 (1968)

Shellmar Mfg. COMING SOON!

More later!

Copyrighted �1997 William J. Baumbach II.

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